Can we mix-and-match?

June 8, 2023

Absolutely! You can mix-and-match different services across different clients and different services for the same client across different devices.

Helpdesk Example:
Let’s say you have a client that has 50 workstations at a single site. You may wish to only onboard 10 of those workstations because the other 40 may not need much technical assistance. Of the 10 you onboard, let’s also assume that 5 of the users of those devices are travelling VIPs that need 24×7 support and let’s assume that the other 5 users only require 8×5. In this example, you could assign our Helpdesk Standard service (24×7) for the 5 VIPs, the 5 other employees could have customizable contact hours to ensure proper coverage for different shift times, and you could have us on standby to service the other 40 on a purely a-la-carte basis which we could service on our time-based Helpdesk services if you needed extra help on any particular day. Our NOC services come with the same mix-and-match abilities.

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