MSPs need to be prepared for summer disasters

September 8, 2023

We have reached the middle of August and are on the cusp of peak hurricane season. But we don’t need a disastrous hurricane to hit the United States for cybercriminals to stalk their victims. The U.S. has already had its share of disasters in 2023.

Hawaii Storm

Beware of modern-day looting

The unprecedented destruction caused by wildfires in Maui and the arrival of hurricane season in the United States is prompting some experts to urge Americans to be on alert for increased cybercriminal activity. “Criminals have capitalized on tragedy since the beginning of time. Looting, for instance, often happens after a disaster, and cybercrime can be considered modern-day looting,” says Kyle Spencer, a cybersecurity and disaster consultant in Atlanta, GA.

Local authorities have reported that there have been fake Maui relief effort emails circulating through the U.S. with links that can deliver a nasty payload if downloaded. “While it may not seem this way sometimes, human nature is wired for kindness, and cybercriminals will exploit that; who wouldn’t want to help people who have lost everything to a natural disaster?” Spencer asks.

MSPs are well-positioned to shore up defenses

He also notes that managed service providers (MSPs) have a role to play as emotional traffic cops. “Humans are emotional and will fall prey to a natural disaster-related scam easier than others. An MSP using its array of tools can ensure defenses are beefed up, certain keywords are monitored or blocked, and user training is up to date.”