Let’s Help Each Other

Mission Control has launched our Referral Program

We want to thank you for your help.   Receive $200 for every new MSP referral that signs up with Mission Control!

Minor Conditions:

  • When you referred MSP reaches out to us, just have them indicate your referral and we will handle the rest.  You may also proactively let us know by email to expect your referral.
  • “Referral Amount” is a one-time THANK YOU compensation of $200 USD or equivalent in your local currency.
  • Referral Amount will be paid in your local currency.  If your local currency is not USD, the Referral Amount will be converted based USD conversion rates on that day, less conversion fees.
  • Referral Amount will be paid as a credit to your monthly invoice.
  • Referral Amount will be paid at the commencement of the fourth (4th) month of recurring services of the referred MSP (“Successful Referral”).
  • There is no limit to the number of Successful Referrals and related compensations of Referral Amounts.  We want to show our appreciation each and every time.